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Vapor4Life was created in an effort to help other smokers quit the habit and live healthier lives. The founder used to be an extreme smoker who finally saw the light after dealing with multiple health issues. For him, vaping provided a way out of the addiction while satisfying his cravings. Plenty of smokers can relate to what he’s been through and so he helps them through this business. Not content with just importing products elsewhere, he has poured significant sums to develop his own line of e-cigs. If you are interested in getting one wondering where to get the best Vapor4Life coupons, the answer is simple: in the official site itself. Here are examples of current coupons:

Get 10% Off Sitewide

From time to time, the store will give shoppers a chance to stretch their dollars through coupon codes. These will usually be specific to a certain product but there are several exceptions. For instance, right now it is possible to get 10% off site-wide when you shop at Vapor4Life. That means you can pick and choose anything on offer and save a tenth of the regular cost. That could add up to a substantial amount, especially if you are buying in bulk for your long-term vaping needs. You may also buy things for your friends or perhaps use the opportunity to resell the items to your peers.

Free Domestic Shipping

It is also possible to get free shipping for domestic orders that are worth more than $50. Shipment is one of the things that complicate the processing of online purchases. While people can save time and effort by shopping on their computer instead of roaming in a mall, someone will still need to move in order for the products to change hands. This will inevitably cost money and be an additional burden. However, a lot of sites are willing to waive the fee if you are going to buy a certain amount of products. Fifty dollars is a pretty good deal.

Wow E-Liquids

One of the best things about e-cigs is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to flavors. There is no shortage of e-liquid manufacturers out there and many are proving to be creative when it comes to their concoctions. They think of fresh ideas that keep vaping enthusiasts excited to try more. Of course, it helps if the cost is kept low when getting these bottles. Go to Vapor4Life and get any of the Wow and Premium 30ml bottles at a reduced rate by using a coupon code. You can purchase 4 of them for just $44 which is a great bargain.

Ultimo Vapor

If you have run out of your e-liquid supplies, then just keep coming back for more because the store will always have new stocks for you. Try different brands so that you can taste and feel the difference between them. Another one that you can check out is Ultimo Vapor. Judge for yourself whether it truly lives up to its name. There are multiple flavors to choose from on the site. There is also an ongoing promo wherein you can get a 30ml bottle for just $15. You can avail of the promo by using a code during checkout.

Disposable Sample

Those who are out to try vaping for the first time can begin with disposable sticks. These resemble regular tobacco cigarettes in form and usage so the barrier to entry is very low. Anyone can pick up a piece and start puffing right away. They are long and slim cylinders with e-liquid already inside them. They can last for a fairly long time but you will have to dispose of them when the contents run out. These are quite convenient if you are not really keen on learning about the hardware yet or buying a bunch of different parts. These are available for $5 each with a code.

G-Pen Elite Deal

Lastly, there’s the G-Pen Elite that you can get through the site for a low price of $124.99. This normally retails for $169.99 so that’s quite a large chunk off of the cost. This is a limited time offer that can expire once the stocks are out. Get it now by using a code.