Presenter Guidelines

We are pleased that you will be presenting your work at the 31st Annual Conference! At this time, we would like to share some logistical information that we believe will enhance your conference experience. Please review the items below, and feel free to contact us if you need additional information or clarification.

Before You Arrive

Please review this site for information about hotel, travel, conference registration, and general updates:

Conference Registration: Read more about conference registration and payment information here. Remember that all presenters must register and pay registration for the conference. Be sure to register via credit card to secure the discounted registration rate.

Hotel Registration: Read more about hotel registration here.

Upon Arrival

Tour the Conference Space: Plan to arrive early enough to familiarize yourself with the conference space. The conference will be held on the 2nd floor of the Hilton Tampa Downtown. Locate your presentation room and other areas of interest.

Registration Desk: Registration will open Sunday and continue through Tuesday. Upon arrival, please check in at the Registration Desk so we can be sure that you are on site and update you to any changes to the agenda. At registration check-in, you will receive a name badge, the conference agenda, and other conference materials.

Presenter Check-In Desk: If you have a PowerPoint for your presentation, please stop by this desk so we can pre-load your presentation for use in the computer assigned to your session room (see Audio Visual Information). At this time we will also secure your permission to post any handouts you may have on our website after the conference has concluded.

On the Day of Your Presentation(s)

Meet your Session Facilitator and Locate Time-keeping Signs: Arrive early to your session to introduce yourself to the session facilitator, who will know what to do if you have audio visual or other difficulties or requests. We will have time cards at the front of the room for your time-keeping use; typically we ask that the chair of a symposium select a time-keeper from his or her group. Otherwise, when individual papers are given during a session, you may request that the facilitator keep time.

Preparing your PresentationHelpful Hints

Focus on Your Findings: The most successful presentations cover new ground, focus on recent research findings, provide clear descriptions of methodology, and succinctly discuss the work’s contributions to the well-being of children, families, and communities.

Note: Our policy is to use person-first language in all written and oral conference materials. We appreciate your adherence to this policy.

Handouts: If you provide handouts, please consider headers that include the title of your presentation and an author or presenter who can be reached for more information. Generally, 50 – 75 copies are adequate. Please bring the handouts with you or mail them to yourself at your hotel. The conference staff are not able to make copies for you. However, there is also a FedEx Office Print & Ship Center located near the hotel at 400 N. Tampa St., Suite 103, Tampa, FL 33602, (813) 225-2523.

Have a Game Plan: The research conference agenda is a tight one and it is crucial that presentations do not exceed the allotted time. If your presentation features more than one speaker, make sure to agree ahead of time how many minutes each of you will need and work out a timekeeping strategy. Make use of the timekeeping cards in the session rooms.

Make Discussions Participatory: If you are presenting a Discussion Hour, focus on encouraging discussion on your topic. Ideally, these less formal sessions give participants the opportunity to share and experience a range of perspectives.

Poster Presenters

About the Poster Session:Each poster session, held in the Bayshore Ballroom, will include about 40 poster presentations. You can expect that at least 400 people will attend the poster session, where you will have an opportunity to network with many attendees who will ask you questions about your work.

Preparing your Display: Your display should include the title of your presentation, in large letters (e.g., 1 inch tall or 72 point). The display should also include your name and affiliation, an abstract of your topic, your data or information (including charts, tables and graphs), and a summary or conclusion.

The Materials We Provide: Posters will be displayed on black presentation boards and a table will be provided for handouts. The boards measure 48 inches tall x 72 inches wide (i.e., 4 x 6 feet) and will be secured on easels. Thumb tacks will be provided for you to attach your display to the board. Please arrive at the Bayshore Ballroom early to set up your display: 4:00 pm on Sunday (for Sunday posters) and 5:00 pm on Tuesday (for Tuesday posters).

Electrical outlets, projection equipment and tape recorders will not be provided in the poster session room.

All graphics are to be displayed on the poster board. You may find it useful to have on hand a tablet of sketch paper and suitable drawing materials to assist in your explanations to observers. Please note that it is not possible to write or paint on the poster boards.

Have a question about your poster presentation? Contact Pat Baker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Standard Audio Visual Supplies and Special Requests

IMPORTANT: Each session room will include a laptop computer, an LCD projector, and screen. Flipcharts and markers are available only upon request. If you have other audio visual needs beyond those mentioned, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please Contact Us for all special audio visual requests, including flipcharts and markers, no later than February 23, 2018.

A note about shipping materials...

The Hilton Tampa Downtown will store your packages prior to your arrival. Please observe the following instructions to ensure proper handling of your meeting materials. Each item should be clearly marked with the following:

Name of your organization and your name/conference participant
31st Annual Children’s Mental Health Research & Policy Conference
Hold for arrival date (mm/dd/yyyy)
The name of your organizations on-site contact
C/O Hilton Tampa Downtown
211 North Tampa Street
Tampa, FL 33602

Shipment should arrive no earlier than one week prior to event. The hotel has no liability for the delivery, security or condition of the packages A fee of $5.00 per box will be applied.

Packages will be accepted up to three days prior to your scheduled event. Please advise your hotel contact of any special arrangements or requirements concerning your materials. The Hotel is not responsible for perishable items. A labor charge will be assessed if the Hotel's assistance is required in unloading vehicles and/or moving items to storage areas.


Hotel Registration, Presentation Questions, Sponsorship Opportunities and General Questions

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